Methacton United Program Survey Results

Annually Methacton United Soccer Club surveys its members from both the Travel and Intramural programs. 2009’s results continue to be very positive. Here is a summary of our results:


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Annually Methacton United Soccer Club surveys its members from both the Travel and Intramural programs. 2009’s results continue to be very positive. Here is a summary of our results:

  • Rate your child’s overall experience
    •  Travel Program - 86% rank Very Good or above
    • Intramural Program - 87% rank Very Good or above
  • Rate the Coaches knowledge of soccer
    • Travel Program - 85% rank Above Average or above
    • Intramural Program - 83% rank Above Average or above
  • Did the coaches show\teach Sportsmanship
    • Travel Program - 84% rank “at all times” 16% rank “most of time”
    • Intramural Program - 85% rank “at all times” 11% rank “most of time”
When asked what does MUSC doing right?
65% of the comments were general compliments
25% of the comments praised the Red Bull training program
10% of the comments praised the emphasis on sportsmanship
A great deal of compliments regarding the Marc J. Small Memorial Tournament
When asked what could MUSC do better?
19% of the comments were regarding fields – conditions or # of fields
17% of the comments regarded a coaching issue
12% of the comments regarded fundraising
9 % of the comments regarded website or communication
6% of the comments regarded improving the competitive balance of intramural teams
5% of the comments regarded travel team accounts and\or uniform costs
4% of the comments regarded RBNY training – either scheduling issues or asking for more
We are very proud of these results and we appreciate the feedback.  We carefully review the feedback and base our annual goals for improvement on that feedback.  Here are some comments\responses to the feedback on the survey.
Fields – we work with\rely on Worcester Township, Lower Providence Township and the Methacton School District for our fields. We have little control over the fields they let us use or the conditions of those fields. The loss of the Arcola fields for the last two years and next year has created a great strain on the club.
o    Whenever you talk with a township supervisor or respond to any survey regarding land use - please always request more space preserved and set aside for athletic field use.
Coaches – our coaches volunteer a great amount of time to this club and we believe they are the best in this area for any club any sport.
o    We offer coach training sessions several times a year and we are looking to increase that in 2010. 
o    In the travel program we ask that all coaches and assistant coaches take a State Youth Soccer run course which requires 18 hours of training for an E license. For u12 and above we ask the coaches to take an additional 32 hour course for a D license. No other local youth sports organizations and very few area soccer programs are as well trained as Methacton United’s coaches.
o    All of our travel coaches are screened by EPYSA Risk Management.
o    All of our travel coaches are interviewed and selected by the Coaching Committee or Director of Coaching
o    Part of the mission of the RBNY training program is to continue to train and improve our coaches. All of our coaches participate with and learn from the RBNY trainers at each RBNY training session.
o    Improving our coaching program has been and will remain one of our highest priorities.
 Fundraising – This year we specifically asked if our members want to have fundraising or would rather just pay a high fee. The results are:
o    47% would rather pay a higher fee
o    25% maybe
o    28% would rather fundraise
Given this basically even split we will have a fundraiser that will attempt to meet everyone’s needs. The registration will include raffle tickets which you can choose to sell and reduce your fee or you can keep the tickets yourself and therefore you just pay a higher fee.
o   Several comments were about having a snack bar. Worcester Township will not allow us to sell anything at their fields. They have promised us an ability to use the Pavilion they have built.  But to date, they have restricted it in such a way that we cannot use it effectively. If you are a Worcester resident, you might want to bring this up to your supervisors as the Pavilion by the soccer field has been used only once or twice in 2 years.
Website\Communication – Our new website will provide us a much better vehicle for communication. Highlights include:
o   Club Calendar
o   Team site with team calendars for all travel teams (see 96 Boys Soul for example)
o   Field status boxes for weather\cancellation issues
o   Policies, forms and meeting minutes will be published
Balance of Intramural teams – we are going to look into some way of rating the players to provide an even level of competition. We also plan on bringing back the fall end of year tournament.
Team accounts – we will improve the accuracy and the timing of the travel team accounts.
Uniform costs – Please recognize that the uniform will be used for 3 years
RBNY training scheduling – we try to optimize the number of hours of training and therefore training in August and the early evening is required to get the most value out of our expense.
This survey is an excellent way for the club to get feedback from its members, but it is not the only way. If you have any comments or suggestions on how we can improve the club you can do any and all of the following:
Contact me at
Contact any of our Board Members – the Org Chart is on our website
Come to a Membership meeting. See calendar for dates and times, generally 7:30 on the 4th Monday of each month at Lower Providence Presbyterian Church.
Full Survey results can be seen by clicking:

Travel Survey 2009 


Best regards,
Bill Gray
Methacton United Soccer Club