Southampton Cup Final Game and Weekend Recap – 12/2 – 12/3

Some people call it “heart,” some “desire,” and some “effort.” I choose to call it “belief.” The belief our U15 Premier team had in themselves and their teammates to come back in a match twice from being a goal down to not only come back to win 3-2, but to shutout the opponent again in the second half. This was how we ended a great two days of soccer in Columbia, MD.

In a weekend these boys will not soon forget, we faced it all. First, we went up against a talented, highly-ranked team and came away with a tie. Then, we ended Day One with a winning goal in the last second. Day Two began with an early goal and win against a squad that played with heart. Then we ended in high fashion, facing a big, fast, and very physical team and winning it on a late PK.

None of that seemed to top the smiles when the boys met the Southampton representatives and stood on the podium to get pictures with their medals. Well…maybe it was exceeded by the pride shown on the parents’ faces.

Could not come up with a better way to end the fall.

So proud of my team. Well done, boys.