Thoughts on Game Against West-Mont United – 9/23/17

Every coach trains their players to win. Every coach wants their team to win. Every coach goes into a game believing their team will win. But no coach can win every game.

So to me, it’s not whether we win or lose, it’s about how we perform. The team can win 3-1 but not play the right way, and I will not be happy. However, they may lose 1-3, and I will be pleased with how they performed. That is certainly how I feel about Saturday's match. The boys were great, they played a STACKED squad that went all out to win, and we outplayed them at every turn. 

We dictated play and possession and fought through more injuries and exhaustion to compete. Ed and I have worked very hard to put together a system that takes advantage of each player’s strengths. However, due to vacations, injuries, and school ball, the boys have not been able to learn their individual roles and responsibilities, but they try to understand the 3 or 4 different positions they have to play in a match. I guarantee you that is not an easy thing to do. Yet, they are doing it. 

Our player of the match was Justin Noel, who played fantastic in not permitting WMU to play possession. He fought and won almost every 50/50 ball. Job well done.

We gave up two corners (which we have not worked much on defending, but we will) and a last-minute breakaway when all were pushed up to equalize. 

All of this will turn into victory and success as we continue to move forward. We are new and facing established premier teams. We will get there with practice and determination. Haverford will be another strong test as they are ranked #32, but we believe we can win.  

Looking forward to our next tourney on October 7 and 8.