Nov. 3, 2018

Saturday - Well, It feels like it has been months since I posted last. Mother Nature has definitely had it in for us this fall. Even today, the fields were soft, wet, windy and cold...but hey, we played!!! And played again!!! Boys turned in a solid effort again today.

Game 1 vs Swarthmore was a 4-0 win that wasn't that close. Boys got a little talking to at halftime because the coaches felt the effort wasn't where it should be, flip to the second half and the coaches realized how big an effect the wind was having on the game. Total domination in the second half. Keeper only touched the ball when we passed it to him and the ball only crossed midfield under our control. Goals were by Lucas, Jonathon, Curtis and Luke. Great work.

Game 2 vs Lower Merion- 5-0 win. Boys played well again. Even better when you consider that it was the second game of the day and at a different field. Evaluation was very similar to game 1 with our focus needing to be on spreading the field and playing bigger balls for faster changes (all things that will come). Goals were by Mark, Mitchell, Luke, Jack and Quinn. PoGs tomorrow.

It’s great to see different names on the score sheet each week. These boys play a very good team game and are very unselfish. It is a pleasure to coach them (even if I do get on them hard at times) Ok, these games are now done, time to put in the work to move on to the next ones. Two games to get caught up on, here we go....