0-Fivers Summer Tour '15

Updated July 26, 2015 — Let the summer tour begin!

Games are the best teacher. It is part of our philosophy at Methacton United and for a group of players fresh out of the academy-style Directors Development Program, there is no better way to learn the 8v8 sytems than to play—over and over and over again.

By the end of summer, the boys will have played in roughly 20 friendlies against clubs near and far. They will be more than prepared for the competition in Delco Division 3. We, the coaches and parents, are excited and expect a successful fall campaign.

The most impressives aspect of the summer training, by far, has been their growth and progress as a group. Early season tactical mistakes have been replaced by strategic 8v8 play; wide play has become a staple of their game; support play and movement off the ball is becoming the norm rather than the exception.

July 18 - Play Day

What a beautiful day for soccer! The 0-Fivers played host today to Main Line Soccer (D 8-8), Continental FC Arsenal (W 9-1), and the Phoenixville Firebirds (W 6-5)in a multiple team playday, something that has fast become a staple of Methaton United summers.

July 26 - Play Day

As the undercard to the CONCACAF Gold Cup final, the 0-Fivers headed south to Nether United for a pair of games against a pair of mixed-ability Nether United teams. The offensive firewords were again on display, but the days tactical focus was on defensive shape and tactics.